What is the daily timetable for the 2019 MALS Winter Week?

All courses will run Monday to Friday from 9.00am–4.00pm. Morning sessions generally run from 9.00am to 12.00noon, including a half-hour morning-tea break. There is a lunch break from 12.00noon until 1.00pm, during which a choice of two 45min seminars will be offered each day. Afternoon sessions run from 1.00pm to 4.00pm, including a half hour afternoon break.

How do I get to Macquarie University?

The Macquarie University campus can be reached directly by car and bus during the MALS 2019 Winter Week. The Macquarie University Train Station is due to open again in the second quarter of 2019. For more information about planning your journey consult the Macquarie University website.

Where do I find MALS on the Macquarie University campus?

All classes are held on the Macquarie University campus at North Ryde. Information about classrooms is provided at registration on the first day. Registration will take place at the MALS central meeting area, also used for morning and afternoon teas.

The central meeting point for the 2019 Winter Week is the Atrium at 12 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave.

Can I park on the Macquarie University campus?

Yes. Casual parking on the Macquarie University campus is available. The University has moved to a new PAYG system. For more information about parking consult the Macquarie University website.

Casual parking costs $10 for 0-1 hour and up to $40 for 6+ hours.

Can I stay on the Macquarie University Campus?

Yes. MALS recommends Robert Menzies College. It is located on Herring Road and is a 10-20 minute walk from all Macquarie University buildings. There are many other accommodation options on campus or nearby. Check out the advice on the Macquarie University website and contact us directly (mals@mq.edu.au) with any questions.

Does MALS provide food and drink?

Morning (10-30am–11.00am) and afternoon (2.00pm–2.30pm) tea will be provided each day as part of the cost of all courses.

There are food outlets open on the Macquarie University campus during the Winter Week. If students wish, they may pre-purchase lunch packs when paying course fees. These packs cost $14 per day ($70 for the week) and include a half wrap, piece of fruit, sweet, and bottle of water.

Lunch packs will be delivered daily to one of the lunchtime seminar rooms. Please send our administrators an email (mals@mq.edu.au) with any information about allergies or preferences (e.g. vegetarian) after enrolling on our Eventbrite page.


How do I know which course to enrol in?

Course descriptions can be found in our Current Program (available from April). These provide general information about the level of proficiency required for each course. If you would like further advice please email us directly (mals@mq.edu.au) and provide a summary description of your training to date.

Can I enrol in more than one course?

No. Each course runs from 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday for the duration of the Winter Week.

Can I change my course during a Winter or Summer Week?

Yes. If you find the course you are enrolled in too challenging or not challenging enough you are welcome to change to another course during a Winter or Summer Week. Before you change courses talk to your tutor and email the MALS admin team (mals@mq.edu.au).

What if my course is cancelled?

Courses may be cancelled if an insufficient number of students (normally less than 5) enrols before the cancellation deadline (June 21 2019). Students will be advised of cancellations via email after that date.

If your course is cancelled MALS admin staff will suggest an alternative course and you can transfer to that without re-enrolling. You can also cancel your enrolment and MALS admin staff will organise a refund.

Can I withdraw from a course?

You can withdraw from MALS courses at any time by emailing our administrative staff (mals@mq.edu.au). A full or partial refund will be given depending on when you notify MALS of your decision to withdraw. Please see below for more details.

Can I request a refund?

Yes. Full refunds will be issued for those who notify MALS  of their inability to attend before the cancellation deadline (21 June for the 2019 Winter Week). MALS will charge a $100 late withdrawal fee for late cancellations. This withdrawal fee is a new administrative measure aimed at minimising cancellation of classes, and thus disruption to other enrolled students. If you have any questions please email mals@mq.edu.au prior to enrolment.

Does MALS still offer an early bird discount?

Yes. Enrol by 10 June for the 2019 Winter Week and you will receive $20 of the course fee.

Where can I find the text selected by my tutor?

Information about textbooks and texts can be found in the course descriptions in the Current Program. Students are expected to purchase textbooks before the start of each Winter and Summer Week.

Most of our Intermediate and Advanced courses (and some Beginners courses) use learning materials (including texts) provided by tutors. These can be downloaded from the MALS website before each Summer or Winter Week. See details for individual courses in the current program.

Where can I buy textbooks?

The following bookstores generally offer a wide selection of language textbooks.  Please contact our administrative staff (mals@mq.edu.au) if you experience any difficulties locating a textbook.

University Co-op Bookshop – on campus, by mail order, or online.

Abbey’s Bookshop – 131 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000 or online.

Koorong Books – 28 West Parade, West Ryde NSW 2114 or online.

AbeBooksonline bookseller.